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Specialists In Custom Fish Tanks, Luxury Aquarium Design, Installation And Maintenance.

AquaPro prides itself on their depth of knowledge, quality of service and a tailored approach to luxury aquarium design. We work closely with interior designers, architects and engineers to provide the highest standard in design. Providing an extensive variety of services, AquaPro has cemented its position as the industry leader in custom fish tank design.

Our Team

Walter Park

Walter Park

Creative Director

His passion for the business has led him to complete many prestigious designs to a demanding and exceptional
standard on the national and international stage.

Lora Stewart

Lora Stewart

Marketing Associate

She also helps drive engagement with potential clients through the development and implementation of marketing campaigns that produce measurable and sustainable results.


Дипломы, награды и сертификаты.

Продукция ИП Шарпинская О.В., соответствует высоким стандартам качества, за что не раз была отмечена многочисленными дипломами и наградами на Российских и международных выставках.

Производство сертифицировано

Ежедневно мы производим рыбу соленую, холодного и горячего копчения, вяленую, пресервы и рыбные полуфабрикаты. Соответствующие всем стандартам качества.